Saturday, October 01, 2005

Just setting up

This blog is an offshoot of my project of documenting all the fauna and flora of Kerr County in the Hill Country of Texas, a unique meeting place of Eastern, Western, Mexican, Rocky Mountain and Tropical fauna and flora.

While the majority of my work is centered there, i also work in the rest of the state, the Southwest, and Mexico. This blog is meant to take up the species documented in the counties of Texas in the vicinity of, and west of, the Pecos River.

This site will be in the construction stage for a long time, but some results should be visible almost immediately as i upload current data and images.

These sites are for the accumulation of individual records. Although they will be posted chronologically per se, they will be available taxonomically via the links in the sidebar.

Daily observations and trip reports will continue to be posted at my regular blog at milkriverblog.


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